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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) legal experts have delivered the Agency’s first-ever short introductory course on nuclear law for university students, as part of a pilot partnerships concluded between the IAEA and six universities in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Jamaica, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was held at Khalifa University in the UAE and was attended by students from different academic disciplines, as well as officials and representatives of the University faculty. This is the first course in a series, with five more universities to follow as hosts of this course in the coming months.

Date: Thursday, 12 January 2023
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US-based NuScale Power and Romania’s RoPower Nuclear have signed a contract for Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) as a step towards deployment of a NuScale VOYGR small modular reactor (SMR) power plant in Romania. RoPower is owned in equal shares by Romania’s nuclear utility SN Nuclearelectrica and Nova Power & Gas. The new contract follows signing in June of a Memorandum of Understanding between NuScale and Nuclearelectrica to begin engineering studies, technical reviews, and licensing and permitting activities for the eight-month project.

Date: Friday, 06 January 2023
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A subsidiary of Rosatom’s Techsnabexport JSC Internexco GmbH and Brazilian state-owned company Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB) have signed a contract to meet 100% of the needs of Brazil’s Angra NPP for the period 2023-2027. The contract was the result of an open international tender that ended in August 2022 and was won by Internexco GmbH.

Date: Friday, 09 December 2022
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Russia's national nuclear company says its Internexco GmbH subsidiary and Brazil's state-owned Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB) have signed a contract to supply the Angra nuclear power plant from 2023 to 2027.

Date: Thursday, 08 December 2022
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Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB) on 25 November at the Nuclear Fuel Factory (FCN), in Resende, inaugurated the tenth cascade of ultracentrifuges, completing the first phase of the Uranium Isotopic Enrichment Plant. This will reduce Brazil’s dependence on contracting services abroad for the production of fuel for its NPPs. The start-up of the tenth cascade means production capacity will meet 70% of the demand for refuelling of unit 1 of the Angra NPP - an increase of approximately 5%.

Date: Wednesday, 30 November 2022
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A consortium led by Belgium’s Tractebel has finalised the first stage of a project to support resumption of construction of unit 3 at Brazil’s Angra NPP, Tractebel has said. The reactor will help secure energy supply by generating over 1.4GW of low-carbon electricity a year.

Date: Wednesday, 23 November 2022
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Eduardo Grand Court, the new president of Brazilian nuclear utility Eletronuclear (formerly part of Eletrobras) has attended an event at the Angra dos Reis NPP marking the restart of the concreting process at Angra 3 and the resumption of civil works at the plant, which is expected to be ready in 2028.  

Date: Thursday, 17 November 2022
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Project suspended in 2015 over financing and corruption Construction of Angra-3 began in 1984 but has been halted on a number of occasions. Courtesy Eletronuclear. Concreting has resumed at the Angra-3 nuclear power plant under construction in Brazil, state-run nuclear operator Eletronuclear said.

Brazilian authorities recently renewed the environmental licence for the unfinished project in Rio de Janeiro state – a prerequisite for the resumption of construction work.

In February 2022, Eletronuclear signed an agreement with a consortium formed by Ferreira Guedes, Matricial and ADtranz for the restart of civil construction works at Angra-3.

The plan for completion of the unit includes finishing the concrete superstructure of the reactor building, closure of the containment structure and installation of a used fuel pool, polar bridge and the semi-gantry crane, Eletronuclear said.

Construction of Angra-3, a 1,245-MW Siemens/KWU pressurised water reactor unit, began in 1984 but was halted in 1986 because of a lack of financing. In 2010, a construction permit was reissued by the authorities, but the project was suspended again in 2015 because of financing concerns and corruption investigation proceedings.

Date: Wednesday, 16 November 2022
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Eletronuclear said concreting has resumed at Brazil's Angra dos Reis nuclear power plant, marking a restart to the construction of the reactor, which was most recently halted in 2015.

Date: Tuesday, 15 November 2022
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Brazil’s Empresa Brasileira de Participações em Energia Nuclear e Binacional (ENBPar) and Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which seeks to promote energy nuclear as a “green” energy source, safe and inducing socioeconomic growth.

Date: Friday, 07 October 2022
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