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The UK Environment Agency (EA) has issued three new environmental permits to NNB Generation Company (Sizewell C) Limited for the new NPP planned at Sizewell in Suffolk. Sizewell C Limited applied to the EA for the permits in May 2020. The Environment Agency consulted on the application from July to October 2020 and on their proposed decision and draft permits from July to September 2022.

Date: Friday, 31 March 2023
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The UK's Environment Agency has granted EDF Energy subsidiary NNB Generation Company (Sizewell C) Limited three environmental permits for the planned Sizewell C nuclear power plant in Suffolk, England. Meanwhile, Sizewell C and Associated British Ports (ABP) are developing plans to locate a unique Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility at Lowestoft, capable of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using low-carbon heat from nuclear.

Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2023
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EDF has confirmed plans to extend operation of unit 1 at the UK’s Heysham NPP and Hartlepool NPP for a further two years until 2026.

Date: Wednesday, 15 March 2023
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Advanced gas-cooled plants could now operate until 2026 in ‘critical boost’ for energy security Hartlepool A has two advanced gas-cooled reactor units that began commercial operation in 1989. Courtesy EDF Energy. EDF Energy is to keep four nuclear power reactors at the Heysham A and Hartlepool A nuclear power stations operating until 2026, two years longer than previously planned, because of the impact of war in Ukraine and energy price rises.

Both the stations, in the north of England, have been operating since the 1980s. EDF announced in September 2022 it was reviewing the case for a short extension.

The two stations were originally due to end generation in 2014. EDF Energy said it invested significant resources to enable the forecast to move to 2024. This has now been moved by a further two years to March 2026.

Heysham A and Hartlepool A both have two advanced gas-cooled reactor units. According to the Intrnational Atomic Energy Agency they all began full commercial operation in 1989, although the IAEA says they were first connected to the grid in either 1983 or 1984.

According to International Atomic Energy Agency data, the net capacity of all four units combined in 2,245 MW.

Date: Friday, 10 March 2023
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The reactor pressure vessel (RPV) for unit 1 of the UK’s Hinkley Point C NPP (HPC) has been delivered to the site from Framatome’s Le Creusot facility in Burgundy, central France. Framatome completed manufacture of the RPV in December 2022. EDF Energy said teams had spent 80,000 engineering hours on its construction. It measures 13 metres in length and weighs 500 tonnes.

Date: Wednesday, 01 March 2023
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The first new nuclear reactor for a UK power station in more than three decades has finished its journey - by barge and then road - at the Hinkley Point C site in Somerset in southwest England.

Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2023
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Électricité de France (EDF) says the construction cost of the UK’s Hinkley Point C NPP set to further increase to £32bn ($38.5bn). EDF revised its cost estimate in a presentation published alongside its annual results. In May, EDF raised the price for the two EPR reactors being built at Hinkley Point to £25-26bn. The plant was scheduled to begin operation in June 2027, but an additional delay of around 15 months is now possible, EDF warned.

Date: Wednesday, 22 February 2023
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UK company Rolls-Royce SMR has visited the sites of the decommissioned Oldbury and Berkeley NPP reactors in Gloucestershire (southwest UK) for talks with stakeholders from communities around the plants. The two unit Berkeley NPP was closed in 1988-89, and the two unit Oldbury plant in 2011-12, and are now the responsibility of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Date: Wednesday, 18 January 2023
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‘Mission Zero’ report calls for ‘clear roadmap’ this year and siting strategy by 2024 The two EPR plants at Hinkley Point C are the only nuclear units under construction in the UK. Courtesy EDF Energy. The UK needs to “double down” on achieving its nuclear baseload requirement by fast-tracking a pipeline of “no-regrets” plans including new nuclear technologies and small modular reactors if it is to meet its net zero carbon emission targets, according to an independent review set up to assess the UK’s decarbonisation plans.

The need for fast-tracked schemes is one of 129 recommendations made by former energy minister Chris Skidmore in his government-ordered net zero review titled Mission Zero.

The report calls for a “clear roadmap in 2023” for reaching final investment decision on new nuclear plants in the next parliament. It urges the government to ensure funding is in place and plans for a technology selection process confirmed.

As part of the roadmap, the government should deliver on siting strategy by 2024.

The report calls for the formation of Great British Nuclear (GBN) to be “expedited in early 2023” so that a “clear roadmap” of future schemes can be developed this year to tackle “rising power demand”.

Date: Wednesday, 18 January 2023
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Framatome has completed manufacture of the reactor pressure vessel (RPC) for unit 1 of the UK’s Hinkely Point C (HPC) NPP. The RPV, following some 80,000 hours of work, is ready for delivery to the construction site. It measures 13 metres in length and weighs 500 tonnes. It is designed to run continuously for 18 months between refuelling outages. The reactor core will have an average temperature of around 300°C and will be able to withstand five times more pressure than a submarine at normal operating depths, HPC said.

Date: Wednesday, 21 December 2022
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