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The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) and Partnership for Global Security (PGS), two US think tanks, today released a joint report defining a comprehensive strategy for the USA to become the global leader in advanced nuclear power. They said the strategy outlines the domestic and international activities that will be required to ensure the USA can lead in the development and deployment of next generation nuclear technologies through collaboration between government, industry, civil society, and other nations.

Date: Wednesday, 17 February 2021
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Sufficient uranium resources exist to support the long-term, sustainable use of nuclear energy, according to the latest edition of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) joint report on uranium resources, production and demand. However, the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the industry and recent reductions in uranium production and exploration could affect available supplies.

Date: Friday, 25 December 2020
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"The US uranium mining industry has the personnel and yellowcake processing plants on standby, and is ready to expand into new areas with discoveries that will provide hundreds of years of available uranium resources from a variety of secure sources," says Michael D. Campbell, chairman of the Uranium (Nuclear & REE) Committee of the Energy Minerals Division of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). "So let the drilling and processing begin."

Date: Friday, 25 December 2020
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The US Congress voted to approve appropriations for fiscal year 2021 that includes USD1.5 billion for the Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy. The appropriations also include USD150 million to initiate the uranium reserve programme to address challenges to the production of domestic uranium.

Date: Thursday, 24 December 2020
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Ukraine's Ministry of Energy yesterday held a meeting with representatives from Energoatom, state uranium mining concerns, trade unions, people's deputies and others to resolve issues related to the production and supply of uranium from the country's uranium mines. According to the national Ukrinform news agency, all uranium mining by state enterprise VostokGOK was suspended on 7 December.

Date: Thursday, 10 December 2020
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Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB) has started mining uranium from the new open-pit Engenho mine at Caetité, in Brazil's Bahia state. It is hoped that resumption of uranium production at the site will make the country self-sufficient in fuel for its nuclear power reactors. A ceremony was held yesterday at the mine site, during which a detonation was carried out, symbolising the beginning of open pit mining in a new area, the Engenho mine.

Date: Thursday, 03 December 2020
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An inquiry into potential benefits to Victoria of removing prohibitions on nuclear activities has tabled its final report in the Australian state's parliament. Energy security, stability and accessibility, and the need to lower carbon emissions due to climate change should be the priority, regardless of technology, the report finds.

Date: Friday, 27 November 2020
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The US is one step closer to funding and implementing a uranium reserve after the Senate committee on appropriations this week released drafts of 2021 funding measures and subcommittee allocations that include $150m for the project.

If passed into law, it would provide full funding for the Department of Energy to begin the funding required to stimulate growth in the domestic uranium mining industry.

The US has the world's largest reactor fleet of 94 commercial nuclear reactors producing about 20% of its electricity, yet its uranium mining industry is struggling. Production has been on a steady decline since the early 1980s as nuclear power plant operators replaced domestic uranium production with less expensive imports.

Under the uranium reserve programme, the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy would buy uranium directly from domestic mines and contract for uranium conversion services. The DOE has said that the new stockpile is expected to support the operation of at least two US uranium mines, reestablish active conversion capabilities, and ensure a backup supply of uranium for nuclear power operators in the event of a market disruption.

Date: Saturday, 14 November 2020
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Fiscal 2021 allocations released yesterday by the US Senate Committee on Appropriations include USD150 million to initiate the uranium reserve programme to address challenges to the production of domestic uranium. The bills provide appropriations for the fiscal year running from 1 October, 2020 to 30 September, 2021 and also include continued funding for the Advanced Reactors Demonstration Program.

Date: Friday, 13 November 2020
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The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) plans to establish an association of nuclear energy regulators and organisations that provide scientific and technical support. A draft memorandum on this was approved at the 21st meeting of the CIS commission on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, which was held via video link yesterday. The meeting was chaired by the head of the commission, Belarus' Deputy Energy Minister Mikhail Mikhadyuk.

Date: Thursday, 29 October 2020
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