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Kazakhstan’s National Nuclear Company Kazatomprom has delivered another consignment of fuel assemblies to China from its Kazakh-Chinese fuel plant, Ulba-TVS. The founders of the joint venture company were the Kazatomprom subsidiary Ulba Metallurgical Plant (UMZ) with 51% and CGNPC Uranium Resources Company Limited (CGNPC-URC - part of China General Nuclear Power Group - CGN) with 49%.

Date: Thursday, 19 October 2023
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Kazakhstan's nuclear fuel company, Kazatomprom, has delivered to China a second batch of low enriched uranium fuel totalling more than 30 tonnes manufactured by the Ulba-FA Kazakh-Chinese joint venture. Ulba-FA began operation in November 2021, after it was certified by the owner of the AFA 3G fuel assembly production technology, French Framatome, and recognised as a certified nuclear fuel supplier by the end user, China General Nuclear Power’s CGNPC-URC. The joint venture was founded by Ulba Metallurgical Plant (a subsidiary of Kazatomprom, which has a 51% stake) and CGNPC-URC, which has a 49% stake.

Date: Saturday, 03 June 2023
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Nuclear energy has faced serious challenges in recent years because of several factors: competition from low gas prices, subsidised renewables and slow growth in electricity demand in certain markets. But because of several powerful forces we are seeing signs that this year nuclear energy will come roaring back, writes Jarret Adams.

Date: Wednesday, 07 March 2018
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