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Czech power company CEZ expects to invest more than CZK2.3bn ($104m) in the Dukovany NPP in 2023, almost CZK500m more than last year. The investments are primarily aimed at ensuring the plant can continue to operate until at least 2047. Dukovany is also switching to 16-month fuel campaigns for all four units and plans to recruit about 100 new employees.

Date: Wednesday, 01 February 2023
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Sofia planning for tender ‘within weeks’ The motion calls for the first alternative fuel supplies to be made by April 2024 for Kozloduy-5. Courtesy KNPP. Bulgaria’s parliament has passed a motion to speed up licensing procedures and potential supply of non-Russian nuclear fuel for the country’s Kozloduy nuclear power station, which has two VVER-1000 pressurised water reactors (PWRs) in commercial operation.

Bulgaria receives nuclear fuel from Russia’s state-owned Tvel under a 2019 contract which is set to expire in 2025.

According to the motion, the first alternative supplies should be made by April 2024 for Kozloduy-5. The new fuel vendor will be required to use technologies and licences which are not related to Russia.

The parliament’s decision obliges the caretaker government to complete the licensing process by the end of 2023.

Date: Saturday, 12 November 2022
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Alternative fuel supply tender expected “within weeks” Bulgaria no longer receives natural gas supplies from Russia and has been considering to look for alternative nuclear fuel supplies for its two-unit Kozloduy plant. Image courtesy Flickr / Lukas Plewnia. Bulgaria will be looking to find new nuclear fuel suppliers for its Kozloduy nuclear power station by the end of 2024, according to a draft recent decision passed by the national parliament’s energy committee.

Currently the Balkan country receives nuclear fuel from Russia’s state-owned Tvel company under a 2019 contract which is set to expire in 2025.

Earlier this week, local media reported that Bulgaria’s care taker government is planning “within weeks” to launch a tender for the supply of nuclear fuel, which will exclude Russia, but invite US-based Westinghouse Electric and France’s Framatome.

Date: Saturday, 05 November 2022
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