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A Statement of Intent has been signed between the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT). Under the agreement, NNSA and MEXT will collaborate to increase the proliferation resistance of research reactors in emerging nuclear power countries including the Asian region. They will also proceed with efforts to incorporate proliferation resistance concepts in the design stage of the new research reactor at the Monju Site, which will be used for education, training and research.

Date: Saturday, 04 May 2024
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US companies Ultra Safe Nuclear Corp. (USNC) and Peregrine Turbine Technologies (PTT) are to collaborate with the aim of integrating USNC’s Pylon reactor with PTT’s patented supercritical CO2 (sCO2) energy conversion system and advanced heat exchanger technologies. This partnership “focuses on enhancing clean energy generation through advanced nuclear and turbine technologies”.

Date: Friday, 19 April 2024
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Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) is to collaborate with Peregrine Turbine Technologies (PTT) to integrate its Pylon microreactor with PTT's supercritical carbon dioxide energy conversion system and advanced heat exchanger technologies.

Date: Wednesday, 17 April 2024
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UK-based First Light Fusion (FLF) says it made progress in solving a key engineering challenges in its ongoing work to design a pilot power plant capable of producing commercial energy from fusion. FLF is pursuing a form of inertial confinement fusion called projectile fusion, which creates the extreme temperatures and pressures required to achieve ‘fusion’ by compressing a target containing fusion fuel using a projectile travelling at a tremendous speed. FLF says this does not involve using complex, energy-intensive, expensive lasers, or magnets and represents a simpler, cheaper, more energy-efficient approach to achieving fusion with lower physics risk.

Date: Friday, 05 April 2024
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First Light Fusion says it has taken a major step towards solving one of the major engineering challenges behind the design of an inertial confinement fusion pilot power plant.

Date: Thursday, 04 April 2024
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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) vouchers to three companies to accelerate the innovation and application of their advanced nuclear technologies. GAIN?was established by DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy and provides the nuclear community with the technical, regulatory, and financial support necessary to move innovative nuclear technologies toward commercialisation while ensuring the continued, safe, and economic operation of the existing fleet. The vouchers provide companies access to the extensive nuclear research capabilities and expertise available across the DOE national laboratory complex.

Date: Saturday, 23 March 2024
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An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) International Physical Protection Advisory Service (IPPAS) team has completed a 11-day mission to the USA hosted by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). The nine-person team reviewed the nuclear security regime for nuclear material and nuclear facilities. This included an assessment of the governmental organisations and legislation relevant to physical protection, the regulatory role and processes, procedures and practices for inspection and enforcement and the sustainability of the regime.

Date: Thursday, 14 March 2024
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UK-based First Light Fusion (FLF) has become the first privately funded fusion company to fire a shot on the US Sandia National Laboratories’ Z Machine in New Mexico.

Date: Wednesday, 13 March 2024
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The UK's First Light Fusion has become the first private fusion company to conduct an experiment on the Sandia National Laboratories 'Z Machine' in New Mexico USA. The experiment set a new pressure record for quartz.

Date: Friday, 08 March 2024
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The federally funded vouchers aim to accelerate the innovation and application of advanced nuclear technologies by providing companies access to the extensive nuclear research capabilities and expertise of the US Department of Energy's national laboratory complex.

Date: Friday, 22 December 2023
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