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The choice of nuclear power is a "very wise" one, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni told the opening of the 2nd Africa Nuclear Business Platform Conference. Uganda's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development signed memoranda of understanding (MoU) with nuclear energy sector partners from Argentina and South Korea during the conference in Kampala.

Date: Saturday, 18 March 2023
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Conference concludes in Washington DC IAEA International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century was hosted by the US under the patronage of energy secretary Jennifer Granholm. Image courtesy IAEA. The IAEA International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century concluded on Friday with an appeal by its director-general Rafael Grossi to global leaders to “advance the benefits” of nuclear power and commit to making nuclear contribute in the fight against climate change.

“In four years, another conference like this will take place. Let’s make it our commitment that many of the things that we said during these days in Washington needed to be done, are going to be already well under way,” Mr Grossi said in his concluding remarks.

“It is not only the good thing to do. It is what we all need,” he said.

Date: Wednesday, 02 November 2022
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IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi and US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm closed the IAEA International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century which ended in Washington DC on 28 October. Grossi made a global appeal to advance the benefits nuclear energy in face of a pessimistic new report on climate change and the ongoing energy crisis.

Date: Tuesday, 01 November 2022
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As evolutionary and innovative reactor designs get closer to deployment in several countries, regulators are defining the best approaches for evaluating their safety and licensing their operation. This topic is centre stage at the four-day International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety: Strengthening Safety of Evolutionary and Innovative Reactor Designs, which opened in Vienna on 18 October.

Date: Saturday, 22 October 2022
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More than 300 representatives from World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) members and other industry organisations attended its Biennial General Meeting, with Chairman Tom Mitchell saying the discussions and challenges shared "will lay the foundation for us to enhance nuclear safety and reliability in the years ahead".

Date: Friday, 14 October 2022
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South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has announced that the government would invest KRW1,400 billion ($1bn) in R&D related to the transport, storage and disposal of used nuclear fuel. According to the ministry, interim storage facilities will be prepared by 2043 after the initiation of disposal site selection scheduled for next year. The target year for permanent disposal facility preparation is 2060. The newly announced investment is to ensure a safe disposal by technological R&D as a part of the plan.

Date: Thursday, 28 July 2022
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Creating smoothies with a champion of the TV series Great British Bake Off was one of a series of exercises intended to inspire innovative and disruptive thinking to drive change, with nuclear innovation "not only about technical breakthroughs, but also about global process optimisation", the Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation was told.

Date: Wednesday, 27 July 2022
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In July 2021, World Nuclear University launched a two-week virtual course, the Strategic Leadership Academy (SLA), designed to equip the next generation of nuclear leaders with the technical knowledge and leadership skills to prepare nuclear power plants for long-term operation (LTO).

Date: Friday, 18 March 2022
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Safety group concerned about ‘factors that may challenge high standards of operation’ Rafael Grossi said he hopes to make progress on the urgent issue of ensuring the safety and security of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities. Courtesy IAEA. The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) said it supports the immediate establishment of a nuclear safety framework at all nuclear facilities in Ukraine that ensures the seven pillars of nuclear safety and security are achieved and maintained.

The safety group’s announcement came as Rafael Grossi, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear watchdog, flew on Thursday to the Turkish city of Antalya where met the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine. Mr Grossi was scheduled to hold a press conference on his return to Vienna on Thursday evening.

“In meetings there, I hope to make progress on the urgent issue of ensuring the safety and security of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities. We need to act now,” Mr Grossi said in a statement. 

WANO said in a statement there can be no interference of any kind with Ukrainian member operators’ ability to safely perform their work.

The group’s performance objectives and criteria and safety principles provide high standards to guide nuclear plant operators worldwide on safe nuclear facility operation. “WANO is concerned about factors in the current situation that may challenge these high standards of operation,” it said.

Date: Friday, 11 March 2022
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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on 21 January that significant progress had been made in the safe and effective management of radioactive waste globally.

Date: Tuesday, 25 January 2022
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