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Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has developed a new technology that could play a key role in safeguarding used nuclear fuels. The prototype Robotized Cherenkov Viewing Device (RCVD) is a small robot. In tests it navigated a used fuel pond and provided inspectors with real time data that could be used for safeguards verification. “The test demonstrates that autonomous robots could soon assist with field measurement and analysis of spent nuclear fuel, providing greater protection for human workers,” said Technical Programme Manager, Rosie Attwell.

Date: Saturday, 28 January 2023
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A floating autonomous robot could soon play a key role in safeguarding used nuclear fuel around the world. The Robotised Cherenkov Viewing Device (RCVD) has been created through a collaboration between Australian national science agency CSIRO's data and digital specialist arm Data61, Hungarian robotics company Datastart and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Date: Wednesday, 25 January 2023
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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has launched a new initiative aimed at accelerating the safe and secure deployment of advanced nuclear reactors, with a particular focus on small modular reactors (SMRs). At a kick-off meeting last month, participants discussed roadmaps for enhancing harmonisation of regulatory activities and the standardisation of industrial approaches.

Date: Thursday, 07 July 2022
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Nine Russian scientific institutes, centres and universities have united into a consortium for the development of new generation nuclear energy technologies, including closed nuclear fuel cycle technologies, fast neutron reactors (FBR), new materials for advanced energy technologies and innovative projects of nuclear power plants, the National Research University - Moscow Power Engineering Institute (NRUN-MEPhI) announced.

Date: Thursday, 21 January 2021
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