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India aims to add 18 new nuclear power reactors with a capacity of 13,800 MWe by 2031-32, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) announced after Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated two 700 MWe reactors at Kakrapar Atomic Power Station (KAPS) in Gujarat. The additional 18 units will bring the total share of nuclear power in the energy mix to 22,480 MWe by 2031-32. Currently NPCIL operates 24 reactors with a total capacity of 8,180 MWe.

Date: Thursday, 29 February 2024
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Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd has announced that Kakrapar 4 was connected to the grid on 20 February. The 700 MWe unit reached first criticality on 17 December.

Date: Tuesday, 27 February 2024
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's formal dedication to the nation of Kakrapar units 3 and 4 - the first Indian-designed 700 MWe pressurised heavy water reactors - took place days after reports that the Indian government is in talks with several private firms to invest in the country's nuclear sector.

Date: Saturday, 24 February 2024
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A new protocol to the intergovernmental agreement on the construction of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant was signed during a two-day visit by Rosatom Director General Alexei Likhachev to the Indian plant.

Date: Friday, 09 February 2024
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The Demonstration Fast Reactor Fuel Reprocessing Plant (DFRP) is a precursor to large-scale plants for the reprocessing of fast reactor fuel.

Date: Friday, 05 January 2024
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The barge vital carrying two steam generators for units 5&6 of India’s Kudankulam NPP is stuck on a rock close to the plant’s purpose built jetty. The ongoing operation to rescue the barge suffered a setback recently resulting in the bottom of the barge being damaged, The Hindu reported. 

Date: Wednesday, 20 September 2023
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Russia's Rosatom says two reactor vessels and eight steam generators are being shipped to Kudankulam unit 5 in India and Tianwan unit 7 in China, calling it the first time two sets of such equipment have been shipped at the same time from one production site.

Date: Wednesday, 26 April 2023
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Installed nuclear capacity is set to more than triple by 2031, and nuclear power plants are likely to generate about 9% of the country's electricity by 2047, according to Minister of State Jitendra Singh. India's nuclear power plants generated more than 3% of its electricity last year - despite representing only 1.6% of the country's installed capacity.

Date: Thursday, 13 April 2023
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India's Union Minister of State for Science & Technology, Jitendra Singh has announced that a nuclear plant will be constructed in the state of Haryana – the first NPP in north India. Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojana (GHAVP) will be sited in Gorakhpur town in the Fatehabad district, about 150 km north of New Delhi. Singh said the decision was in line with the priority to increase India's nuclear capacity. The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) said that one of the major achievements of the current government would be the construction of NPPs in parts of India other than south states such as Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, or states in the west such Maharashtra, where current plants are mostly located. Singh also noted that DAE had also been given permission to set up joint ventures with public sector undertakings (PSUs) to install NPPs

Date: Wednesday, 22 February 2023
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US-based Holtec International has reported that Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) has placed its first order for used fuel and damaged fuel storage racks for its new away-from-reactor wet storage facility for the Kudankulam NPP (KKNPP) from Holtec subsidiary Holtec Asia. The away-from-reactor facility will serve units 1 and 2 of KKNPP in the state of Tamil Nadu. KKNPP uses Russian-designed VVER 1000 reactors.

Date: Wednesday, 10 August 2022
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