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JSC Ruspolimet in Vyksa (Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region) has shipped the lead transport and packaging container TUK-137T.A1 manufactured for the Akkuyu NPP under construction in Turkiye. The equipment was manufactured by Ruspolimet for Tekhsnabexport (Tenex), Rosatom’s sales and trading division.

Date: Friday, 16 February 2024
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Russia’s Mining & chemical Combine (MCC - part of Rosatom) in Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk) has completed all R&D on a project for a molten salt research reactor (IZhSR - Issledovatelskovo Zhidko Solevovo Reaktora) MCC Director Dmitry Kolupaev told Rosatom Director General Alexey Likhachev Rosatom Alexei Likhachev during his visit to the enterprise that the key stages had been completed. A preliminary design has been developed that describes the fundamental decisions required for the physical launch of the IZhSR. This was achieved in cooperation with many other Russian organisations.

Date: Saturday, 03 February 2024
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Construction of unit 5 at Russia’s Beloyarsk NPP with a BN1200 sodium-cooled fast neutron reactor will begin in 2027, according to plant director Ivan Sidorov. The BN1200 will be the world’s largest fast neutron reactor, replacing Beloyarsk 4 with a BN800 reactor, which previously held that record. Sidorov told the Beloyarsk corporate newspaper, Quick Neutron, that work at unit 5 was on schedule. "The site for the new unit has already been determined, public hearings on the placement have been held. In accordance with the programme, we are doing engineering research, we are drilling wells for them," he said.

Date: Wednesday, 24 January 2024
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A steel reactor base plate and the lower tier of the containment has been installed in what is being called a landmark moment for construction of the BREST-OD-300 generation IV fast neutron reactor in Russia.

Date: Thursday, 18 January 2024
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The UK government has outlined plans for the biggest expansion of nuclear power for 70 years to reduce electricity bills, support thousands of jobs and improve UK energy security. This includes exploring building a major new power station and investing in advanced nuclear fuel production, according to the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ).

Date: Wednesday, 17 January 2024
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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for uranium enrichment services to help establish a reliable domestic supply of fuels using high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU). Such fuel is not currently commercially available from US-based suppliers.

Date: Thursday, 11 January 2024
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The Director of Russia’s Kola NPP Vasily Omelchuk told a press conference that Kola NPP in the Murmansk region is considering the possibility of extending operation of units 1&2 until 2038 although they had been expected to close in 2033-2034. "The first and second units of the Kola NPP will operate until 2033-2034, but there is an order from the government to consider the possibility of extending their operating life,” he said. “According to our estimates, it is likely that this can be done for a short time, of course, without compromising security. We have set ourselves the task of considering the extension and justification of the first unit until 2038. But we’re not yet able to say whether it is possible.

Date: Thursday, 04 January 2024
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Following the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, Polina Lion, the chief sustainability officer for Russia's nuclear energy corporation Rosatom, outlines the company's ESG strategy.

Date: Wednesday, 20 December 2023
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