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UK engineers from University of Glasgow, University of Manchester, Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Heriot-Watt University are developing the Symbiotic Multi-Robot Fleet (SMuRF) system, which could help with NPP decommissioning.

Date: Thursday, 21 December 2023
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The Guardian newspaper has recently published two articles about the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA’s) Sellafield site, both of which have been strongly repudiated by Sellafield Ltd.

Date: Friday, 08 December 2023
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Five major companies have made key announcements on their plans to advance small modular reactor (SMR) deployment in the UK. While Rolls-Royce SMR shortlisted three sites for a factory to produce component for its planned SMR; Balfour Beatty and Holtec with Hyundai agreed to support plans for the construction of Holtec’s SMR-160; and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) submitted a Generic Design Assessment (GDA) application for its BWRX-300 SMR to the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Date: Friday, 23 December 2022
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The first UK shipment of legacy waste drums from Magnox Harwell to Sellafield has been completed using the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA’s) Type B Gemini container fleet following a multi-million pound refurbishment, according to a joint statement from NDA, Nuclear Waste Services (NWS), Sellafield Ltd, and Magnox Ltd.

Date: Wednesday, 03 August 2022
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The Magnox reprocessing plant at the Sellafield site in Cumbria has reprocessed the final box of used fuel from the UK's fast reactor programme being stored in the plant's ponds. Meanwhile, preparations are being made for the demolition of the iconic Pile One chimney that dominated the landscape over Sellafield for decades.

Date: Saturday, 25 June 2022
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The Unit B2 (Reactor 4) of the Hunterston NPP in North Ayrshire, Scotland, was permanently shut down on 7 January after generating electricity for 46 years.

Date: Tuesday, 11 January 2022
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Roll-Royce has announced that following the raising of £195 million in equity funding, its Small Modular Reactor business has now been established. Its purpose is to bring forward and deliver at scale the next generation of low cost, low carbon nuclear power technology.

Date: Wednesday, 10 November 2021
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Industrial service provider Altrad has been awarded a four-year contract by Magnox Limited for the provision of support services across six sites undergoing decommissioning in the United Kingdom.

Date: Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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France’s EDF and 14 other companies and trade unions have announced proposals for a clean energy hub to be built in Cumbria in the UK, including a new large nuclear power plant.

Date: Thursday, 02 July 2020
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A group of major companies, trade unions and individuals have launched an initiative to develop a Clean Energy Hub centred on a package of nuclear projects at Moorside in Cumbria, north-west England. The proposal is based on projects including a new 3.2 GW UK EPR plant, as well as small modular reactors (SMRs) and advanced modular reactors (AMRs), with links to technologies including renewables and hydrogen production.

Date: Wednesday, 01 July 2020
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