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“When building a machine as large and as complex as ITER, difficulties and setbacks do not come as surprises - they are an integral part of manufacturing, assembling and installing first-of-a-kind components,” the ITER Organisation said recently.

Date: Friday, 25 November 2022
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The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project has announced defects have been discovered in the thermal shields and vacuum vessel sectors and warned that the consequences on schedule and cost "will not be insignificant".

Date: Wednesday, 23 November 2022
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US-based TAU Systems is poised to bring particle accelerators to a multitude of users by harnessing the latest laser technology. Until now high-energy particle accelerators have been the exclusive domain of countries and governmental organisations. Because of their enormous size and very high cost, access for engineers and biotech professionals is severely limited. TAU Systems will use the latest laser technology to make electrons surf on three-dimensional plasma waves and accelerate them to ultra-high energies.

Date: Wednesday, 05 October 2022
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Revolutionary laser-driven technology unveiled by TAU Systems aims to place the capabilities of high-energy particle accelerators within reach of engineers and scientists the world over, with potential applications in a wide range of fields including nuclear. The Texas-based company is aiming to offer its first commercial service centres in 2027, after starting prototype applications as early as 2024.

Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2022
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On 28 April, Russia sent the IAEA a refutation of disinformation about the irradiation of soldiers at the Chernobyl NPP. The Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to International Organisations in Vienna sent a note to the IAEA Secretariat “in connection with the dissemination by a number of media of unreliable information about the actions of the Russian Armed Forces at the Chernobyl NPP”.

Date: Wednesday, 04 May 2022
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The Volgodonsk branch of AEM-Technologies, Atommash (part of Rosatom’s mechanical engineering division Atomenergomash) has manufactured the upper half of the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) for unit 3 of China’s Xudabao NPP in Liaoning Province, Atomenergomash said on 20 April. Atommash has completed the welding of circumferential seams on upper half of the RPV. The work lasted 25 days with continuous heating at 150-170 degrees Celsius in the area of welded joints. It took 4,700 kg of flux and 3,300 kg of wire to weld the circumferential seams. The component was then heated to 300 degrees and moved to a furnace for heat treatment to obtain the required mechanical properties of the metal. The process of heating and holding is done at a maximum temperature of 620 degrees for three days.

Date: Friday, 22 April 2022
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Studies at Australian nuclear science and technology organisation ANSTO have confirmed that a crocodile that lived some 93 million years ago in what is now Central Queensland ate dinosaurs. Neutron and synchrotron instruments were used to reveal and reconstruct the crocodile's fossilised stomach contents.

Date: Wednesday, 16 February 2022
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A pilot trial of a nuclear technique in a neighbourhood of the Cuban capital Havana reduced mosquito numbers by up to 90% last year. Early reports show that cases of mosquito-borne diseases were completely eliminated in the last two months of the trial.

Date: Saturday, 15 January 2022
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The US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) said on 31 August it had launched a major radiological security project to enhance US radiological security. The RadSecure 100 Initiative focuses on removing radioactive material from facilities where feasible and improving security at the remaining facilities located in 100 metropolitan areas throughout the United States. It includes a significant partnership with local law enforcement.

Date: Friday, 03 September 2021
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The US Department of Energy's (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has issued two cooperative agreements worth a total of USD37 million to NorthStar Medical Technologies, LLC to support the commercial production of the medical isotope molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) without using high-enriched uranium (HEU). It has also launched RadSecure 100, a major radiological security initiative to enhance US radiological security at facilities in 100 metropolitan areas throughout the USA.

Date: Wednesday, 01 September 2021
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