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Energy and environment ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) countries meeting in Turin have reportedly reached a deal to shut down their coal-fired power plants in the first half of the 2030s. Italian energy minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, who is chairing the meeting said there is a technical agreement pending a final political decision.

Date: Wednesday, 01 May 2024
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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a “national endeavour” to secure the future of the UK’s defence and civil nuclear industry during a visit to the nuclear submarine base in Barrow-in-Furness. The UK government said: “Domestic nuclear capability is vital to our national defence and energy security, underpinning our nuclear deterrent and securing cheaper, more reliable energy for UK consumers. The nuclear industry is growing rapidly, requiring 50% more highly skilled workers in the next ten years – and we need to train a new generation of British talent.”

Date: Thursday, 28 March 2024
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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a package of public and private investment to reinforce the country's nuclear workforce and support 40,000 expected new jobs in its defence and civil nuclear industry.

Date: Tuesday, 26 March 2024
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South Korea's HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE) plans to develop a small modular reactor (SMR) for use in shipping in cooperation with the UK's Core Power and the USA's Southern Company and TerraPower.

Date: Thursday, 08 February 2024
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The UK University of Manchester's Dalton Nuclear Institute and Canada-based nuclear services company Kinectrics have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on wide-ranging co-operation. The MOU will facilitate the progression of nuclear research, development of highly qualified personnel, and the commercialisation of novel nuclear technologies.

Date: Wednesday, 07 February 2024
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Geneva-based Transmutex SA has announced new round of financing to develop its nuclear energy technology”. The Swiss startup, founded in 2019 by scientists from the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) including Federico Carminati and Jean-Pierre Revol along with entrepreneur Franklin Servan-Schreiber.

Date: Thursday, 01 February 2024
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In a new report, “What a waste: How fast-fission power can provide clean energy from nuclear waste”, environmental group RePlanet advocates recycling used nuclear fuel as fuel for advanced fast reactors. While Europe's nuclear power reactors "have a long history of safe use, and have provided prodigious quantities of clean electricity for decades", they use less than 1% of the energy potential in the natural uranium used to make their fuel, the report notes. Moreover, irradiated fuel assemblies removed from reactors are considered “nuclear waste”.

Date: Friday, 07 April 2023
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If existing inventories of used nuclear fuel were recycled and repurposed as fuel for advanced fast reactors, it could generate zero-carbon electricity for Europe for up to 1000 years, according to international environmental campaign group RePlanet.

Date: Wednesday, 05 April 2023
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