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Societa Gestione Impianti Nucleari SpA (Sogin), the Italian state-owned company responsible for decommissioning the country's nuclear power plants, has announced the launch of a tender for the dismantling of the reactor vessel and internals of the Garigliano nuclear power plant.

Date: Friday, 04 August 2023
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The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has commissioned US-based Herbert Engineering Corp (HEC) to investigate the potential of advanced modern reactor technology for commercial marine propulsion. At the same time, UK-based start-up nuclear technology company newcleo has signed an agreement with Italy-based shipbuilder Fincantieri and certification multinational RINA, also based in Italy, to jointly study nuclear applications to the shipping industry.

Date: Friday, 28 July 2023
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Slovenské elektrárne says that the energy start-up stage of Mochovce 3 has seen its power level increased to 75% - with the final trial run at 100% power for six days and nights now expected to take place between September and October.

Date: Tuesday, 18 July 2023
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The UK’s Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS), part of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), is collaborating with renewable marine technology specialist Smart Green Shipping (SGS) to investigate retrofitting new sail technology on its specialist nuclear transport ships. SGS is developing unique FastRig retrofit sails and sustainable technology for commercial ships.

Date: Wednesday, 14 June 2023
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Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS) - part of the UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - has partnered with renewable marine technology specialist Smart Green Shipping (SGS) to investigate the retrofitting of new sail technology on its specialist nuclear transport ships.

Date: Saturday, 10 June 2023
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An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Integrated Review Service for Radioactive Waste & Spent Fuel Management, Decommissioning & Remediation (ARTEMIS) team says Portugal is committed to ensuring the safe and effective management of radioactive waste. The mission also noted a need to further develop the national radioactive waste management programme and advised allocating adequate resources for its long-term implementation, particularly disposal. The nine-day mission was carried out at the request of Portugal and hosted by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA).

Date: Thursday, 01 June 2023
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Ansaldo Nucleare and Westinghouse Electric Company say initial testing has been completed for their Generation IV lead-cooled fast reactor design. The testing campaign took place at the Passive Heat Removal Facility recently built at the Ansaldo Nuclear plant in Wolverhampton (UK).

Date: Wednesday, 24 May 2023
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The Nuclear Alliance, a French initiative comprising 16 European countries seeking to further develop nuclear power, has issued a statement calling on the European Commission (EC) to recognise nuclear energy in the EU's energy strategy and relevant policies. The statement came after a meeting in Paris with European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson.

Date: Friday, 19 May 2023
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