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France's nuclear industry giants - EDF, Framatome and Orano - have each reported improved results for 2023, compared with 2022, and expect continued growth in 2024, partly due to France's plan to build new reactors.

Date: Saturday, 17 February 2024
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France and Brazil are looking to "rebuild cooperation" in the energy sector with an emphasis on nuclear energy, after energy ministers from the two countries held talks in Paris.

Date: Tuesday, 17 October 2023
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Eduardo Grand Court, the new president of Brazilian nuclear utility Eletronuclear (formerly part of Eletrobras) has attended an event at the Angra dos Reis NPP marking the restart of the concreting process at Angra 3 and the resumption of civil works at the plant, which is expected to be ready in 2028.  

Date: Thursday, 17 November 2022
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The Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) has renewed the environmental licence permitting continued construction of unit 3 at Brazil’s Angra NPP.

Date: Friday, 02 September 2022
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Brazil’s nuclear utility Eletronuclear (a subsidiary of Eletrobras) has signed a contract with the consortium formed by Ferreira Guedes, Matricial and ADtranz that will allow the resumption of work on unit 3 of the Angra nuclear power plant under the Critical Path Acceleration Plan. 

Date: Wednesday, 16 February 2022
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Brazil’s nuclear utility, Eletronuclear, on 25 February published in the Official Gazette (Diário Oficial da Uniao), a tender for a company to resume the civil works at the partly completed unit 3 of the Angra NPP, and to carry out part of the electromechanical assembly. This aim is to accelerate the plant's progress and to press ahead with some construction activities before hiring a contractor to undertake work to complete the construction of the plant. The contract is expected to be signed by May. First concrete is now scheduled for October and hiring of the general contractor for the second half of 2022. Eletronuclear is a subsidiary of state-run electric utility Eletrobras, which the government plans to privatise, although the nuclear power unit will be spun off and remain under state control.

Date: Thursday, 04 March 2021
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Leonam Guimaraes, president of Brazil's state nuclear power company Eletronuclear, told Reuters that Brazil plans to complete the delayed unit 3 at its Angra NPP in partnership with either China's National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), France's EDF or Russia state nuclear corporation Rosatom.

Date: Wednesday, 30 October 2019
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