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EDF and Veolia announced they are creating Waste2Glass, an equally-owned joint venture to develop a new sector based on Veolia's Geomelt® vitrification technology. 

Date: Friday, 03 December 2021
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France's EDF and water, waste and energy management company Veolia will early next year create a joint venture - to be known as Waste2Glass - to develop Veolia's GeoMelt vitrification technology. The partners hope to extend the application of the technology beyond high-level radioactive waste.

Date: Thursday, 02 December 2021
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A new specialist nuclear transport organisation was officially launched in the UK on 19 April. Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS) is part of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) group and specialises in the operational, commercial, engineering, legal, and regulatory expertise that underpin nuclear transport and logistics operations.

Date: Friday, 23 April 2021
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A new specialist nuclear transport organisation has officially launched today in the UK. Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS), part of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), operates Direct Rail Services (DRS) and Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL), which offer rail and shipping services, respectively. The NDA is also in the process of integrating its radioactive waste management businesses.

Date: Tuesday, 20 April 2021
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The Belgian agency for the management of radioactive waste, NIRAS/ONDRAF has selected a consortium, led by Sweco Belgium and including Orano Projets, Jacobs and Arteum Architects, for a framework contract covering new treatment and storage facilities.

Date: Friday, 12 February 2021
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UK plutonium samples totalling a few hundred grams are to be tested at the Orano Melox site in France to see whether it can be converted into mixed oxide (mox) pellets. The samples arrived by sea in Cherbourg aboard the Pacific-Egret on 26 November and continued to the Melox site by road, French media reported on 28 November.

Date: Tuesday, 03 December 2019
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A shipment of samples of plutonium oxide is en route from the UK to a laboratory at Orano's Melox plant in southern France. The samples will be used to determine if the plutonium can be used in the production of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel.

Date: Friday, 29 November 2019
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Reprocessing operations have ended at the Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (Thorp) at the Sellafield site in the UK after 24 years. The facility will now be used to store used nuclear fuel until the 2070s.

Date: Wednesday, 14 November 2018
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EDF subsidiary Cyclife has been awarded three contracts to treat waste metal from nuclear energy operations in Finland, Spain and the UK. The value of the contracts was not disclosed.

Date: Friday, 09 November 2018
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Key UK government ministers are involved in discussions over how to support the construction of new NPPs with some senior Treasury (economic and finance ministry) officials hostile to any direct state subsidy, the Financial Times reported on 13 February. 

Date: Thursday, 16 February 2017
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