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The defueling of the first of two reactors at the Hunterston B advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) nuclear power plant in the UK has been completed on time and on budget, EDF Energy announced.

Date: Friday, 22 September 2023
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EDF Energy announced the Hinkley Point B 1 reactor has been permanently shut down bringing an end to electricity generation at the Hinkley Point B plant in Somerset, England, after 46 years of operation. The Hinkley Point B 2 reactor was shut down on 6 July.

Date: Tuesday, 02 August 2022
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The Unit B2 (Reactor 4) of the Hunterston NPP in North Ayrshire, Scotland, was permanently shut down on 7 January after generating electricity for 46 years.

Date: Tuesday, 11 January 2022
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The UK’s Hunterston B1 (Reactor 3) was permanently closed down on 26 November, marking the end of 46 years of operation for this 490MWe advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR). 

Date: Friday, 03 December 2021
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Hunterston B Reactor 3 - a 490 MWe advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) - was taken offline for the final time at midday on 26 November, marking the end of 46 years of operation. Its twin - Hunterston B Reactor 4 - is scheduled to shut down in January, which will see the end of power generation for the site in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

Date: Tuesday, 30 November 2021
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