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Both reactors at nuclear station scheduled to close by 2025 Diablo Canyon, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, produces 9% of California’s electricity. Utility Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) could receive a $1.4bn (€1.3bn) government loan to keep the Diablo Canyon nuclear power station running up to 10 years beyond its current 2025 closure date under a bill proposed by California governor Gavin Newsom.

The proposal would exempt the extension from some environmental rules and would state regulatory agencies to act quickly to clear the way for the facility’s two reactors to continue operating.

The proposal, which would have to be introduced as a bill in the state legislature, is the latest in a series of steps California has made this year to reconsider its 2016 decision to retire the Diablo Canyon power plant by 2025.

Diablo Canyon, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, produces 9% of California’s electricity. The proposal says its continued operation beyond 2025 is “critical to ensure statewide energy system reliability” as climate change stresses the energy system.

Date: Thursday, 18 August 2022
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Text circulated to California lawmakers by Governor Gavin Newsom says continued operation of the state's only nuclear power plant for an additional five to ten years is critical to ensure energy system reliability and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. It would authorise a loan of up to USD1.4 billion to extend the plant's operating lifetime.

Date: Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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There is strong local and statewide support for extending the operations of California's only operating nuclear power plant - and the state's largest source of carbon-free generation - a newly released poll has found.

Date: Saturday, 21 May 2022
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The premature shutdown of Diablo Canyon units 1 and 2 will "inflict grave harm to California's economy and environment," according to the American Nuclear Society (ANS). The closure of California's last remaining nuclear power plant will cause more grid instability and rolling blackouts for the state because Diablo Canyon reliably supplies about 10% of in-state power, it says. Former US energy secretaries Steven Chu and Ernest Moniz have also called for the decision to shut down the plant to be reassessed.

Date: Saturday, 27 November 2021
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