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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi and other IAEA officials have signed several agreements at the China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA), during Grossi’s first official visit to China. Grossi met with several high-level officials and visited nuclear facilities and institutions in Beijing, Shanghai and Shandong.

Date: Friday, 26 May 2023
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Several agreements were signed between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Chinese entities during the opening day of IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi's first official visit to China since taking office in 2019.

Date: Wednesday, 24 May 2023
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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has signed three memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with Chinese nuclear energy organisations to boost co-operation. The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) said the MOUs were signed with the Nuclear Power Operations Research Institute, the China National Nuclear Corporation Overseas and the China Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation.

Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2023
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First concrete has been poured for unit 4 of China’s Haiyang NPP in Shandong province, according to the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI). This signalled the start of construction of unit 4 which is part of Phase-II of the NPP (units 3&4). First concrete for unit 3 was poured in July 2022. Haiyang 3&4 are both CAP1000 reactors. The pouring of concrete for unit 4 was a continuous operation lasting just over 51 hours and required a total of 5512 cubic metres of concrete, according to China Nuclear Industry 24 Construction Company.

Date: Friday, 28 April 2023
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First concrete has been poured for the nuclear island of unit 4 at the Haiyang nuclear power plant in China's Shandong province. It marks the official start of construction of the second of two CAP1000 pressurised water reactors planned as Phase II of the plant.

Date: Wednesday, 26 April 2023
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Drilling of the foundation pit has begun for unit 2 of China’s Lianjiang NPP in Guangdong, marking the first phase of the Lianjiang Nuclear Power Project, which is in the pre-construction phase. Foundation work at unit 1 began in September 2022 after the State Council approved Phase I (units 1&2). Phase I will comprise two 1,250 MWe CAP-1000 units with an investment of CNY38.9bn ($5.6bn). Six units are planned for the site. At the end of 2022, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) subsidiary China Nuclear Construction signed two nuclear power engineering contracts for the project. Construction is expected to take 56 months for each unit.

Date: Saturday, 22 April 2023
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Cooperation agreements in the field of nuclear energy have been signed between China and France during a state visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to Beijing. The latest agreements between China General Nuclear (CGN), China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and EDF build on 40 years of previous cooperation between the two countries.

Date: Wednesday, 12 April 2023
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Beijing also has 19 units under construction – more than any other country The Fangchenggang-3 Hualong One reactor in southern China completed a 168-hour trial test run on 25 March. Courtesy CGN. Unit 3 of the Fangchenggang nuclear power station in the Guangxi Autonomous Region of southern China has begun commercial operation, bringing the number of commercial reactors in the country to 56 – the second highest in the world equal with France.

China General Nuclear (CGN) said the 1,000 MW pressurised water reactor unit – the first of two demonstration HPR1000, or Hualong One, reactors at the site – completed a 168-hour trial test run at 06.55 on 25 March, “officially meeting the conditions for commercial operation”.

The Hualong One is an indigenous PWR. It incorporates elements of China National Nuclear Corporation’s ACP1000 and CGN’s ACPR1000+ reactor designs.

Fangchenggang-3 achieved first criticality on 27 December and was connected to the grid for the first time on 10 January. Construction of the plant, which is owned and operated by Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Company, a joint venture of CGN and Guangxi Investment Group, began in 2015.

A total of six reactors are planned to operate at the Fangchenggang site, close to the border with Vietnam. Units 1 and 2, which began commercial operation in 2016, are both CPR-1000s. Units 3 to 6 will all be Hualong One reactors.

Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2023
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Unit 3 of the Fangchenggang nuclear power plant in China's Guangxi Autonomous Region has entered commercial operation, China General Nuclear (CGN) announced. The unit is the first of two CGN-designed Hualong One (HPR1000) reactors at the site.

Date: Tuesday, 28 March 2023
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First concrete has been poured for the nuclear island of unit 4 at the China’s Sanmen NPP in Zhejiang province. China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said this marks the official start of construction of the second of two CAP1000 pressurised water reactors planned as Phase II of the project.

Date: Friday, 24 March 2023
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