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An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) team concluded an 18-day mission to France’s Civaux NPP on 17 October. The team said plant operator EDF demonstrated a commitment to safety but encouraged the plant to continue its operational safety improvement initiatives. The plant comprises two 1450MWe units with pressurised water reactors that were connected to the grid between 1997 and 1999. The 12-member team comprised experts from Argentina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Republic of Korea, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and the USA, as well as two IAEA officials.

Date: Thursday, 24 October 2019
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The shin-Kori nuclear power station in South Korea. South Korea’s Shin-Kori-4 nuclear power unit began commercial operations on 29 August, the country’s nuclear operator said.

The 1,340-MW (net) APR-1400 plant, near the southeastern city of Busan, can operate for 60 years and will generate about 12% of the electricity used in the country’s southeastern cities, the Korea Hydro and Nuclear Company said in a statement.

Shin-Kori-4 is the second South Korea-designed APR 1400 model to begin supplying electricity to the grid. The first was Shin-Kori-3, which began commercial operation in December 2016.

Date: Wednesday, 04 September 2019
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