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Japanese startup EX-Fusion, which seeks to commercialise laser based fusion energy, announced on 18 April that it had closed a pre-seed round funding of JPY130 million ($1m) at the end of March. The pre-seed round was led by ANRI, a Tokyo based venture capital firm, along with Osaka University Venture Capital (OUVC).

Date: Friday, 22 April 2022
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The Energy Security Strategy's ambitions are for eight new reactors, plus small modular reactors, helping to produce 24 GWe capacity by 2050, representing about 25% of the UK's projected electricity demand.

Date: Friday, 08 April 2022
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Nuclear energy could help Singapore's power sector achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, according to a new report from the island city-state's Energy Market Authority (EMA). It says nuclear energy could supply around 10% of Singapore's energy needs.

Date: Wednesday, 23 March 2022
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France's nuclear safety regulator, the Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN), has ordered the start of the assembly of the tokamak of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) fusion project to be postponed until a number of safety issues have been addressed.

Date: Wednesday, 02 March 2022
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Italy’s Ansaldo Nucleare said on 8 February that it has won a €21 million ($24m) contract for the management of multidisciplinary technical managerial support services aimed at implementing the Divertor Tokamak Test (DTT) Facility. Ansaldo Nucleare is part of Ansaldo Energia Group, 88% owned by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

Date: Friday, 11 February 2022
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Researchers at the Joint European Torus in the UK doubled previous records by producing a total of 59 megajoules of heat energy from fusion over a five second period.

Date: Thursday, 10 February 2022
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Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) said it has been awarded a first contract from Japan’s National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (QST) for manufacture of six units of divertor outer vertical target additional components for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) under construction in Saint-Paul-lès-Durance in southern France.

Date: Wednesday, 22 December 2021
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Company already backed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos A computer-generated image of a General Fusion nuclear power plant. Courtesy General Fusion. Vancouver-based General Fusion, a nuclear fusion company backed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is closing an oversubscribed USD130m funding round filled by a new syndicate of global investors as it seeks to push ahead with a project to design, build and operate a prototype fusion demonstration plant.

The company said the new investment, led by Singapore-based investment company Temasek, significantly expands its portfolio of institutional, sovereign and high net worth investors, providing the prelude to a large financing round being prepared for 2022.

Combined with broad financial support from the Canadian, UK, and US governments, the funding round will support General Fusion’s “aggressive pursuit” of several near-term initiatives and milestones in its programme to commercialise magnetised target fusion (MTF).

In December 2019 General Fusion said it had secured more than USD100m of financing for its fusion programme. This was followed in July 2020 by additional financing led by Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC and the deep technology fund IBX.

Date: Saturday, 04 December 2021
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The funding includes capital to build, commission, and operate Sparc, the world’s first ‘commercially relevant’ net energy fusion machine. Courtesy CFS. Commonwealth Fusion Systems, a Massachusetts-based nuclear fusion startup, has raised more than $1.8bn in the largest private investment ever in the industry.

Investors in the latest funding round include Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and George Soros via his Soros Fund Management, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Other investors in the company’s most recent funding round include Google, Silicon Valley venture-capital firm DFJ Growth and Salesforce chief executive officer Marc Benioff’s TIME Ventures.

CFS has raised more than $2bn in funding since it was founded in 2018.

Date: Saturday, 04 December 2021
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