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Illustration of spherical tokamak power plant concept. Courtesy UK Gov. The UK government has formally announced £220m (€247m, $271m) in funding for the conceptual design of a fusion power station – the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) – at the Culham fusion research centre in Oxfordshire.

A statement by the government said STEP will be an “innovative plan” for a commercially-viable fusion power station, including a prospect to build an actual station by 2040.

Secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy Andrea Leadsom announced the initiative on a visit to the Culham research centre.

Ms Leadsom said: “This is a bold and ambitious investment in the energy technology of the future. Nuclear fusion has the potential to be an unlimited clean, safe and carbon-free energy source and we want the first commercially viable machine to be in the UK”.

Date: Friday, 04 October 2019
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