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Georgia Power has completed cold hydro testing for unit 3 of the Vogtle nuclear plant, the first Westinghouse AP1000 to be built in the USA.

Date: Friday, 23 October 2020
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Bulgaria is to start talks with the United States on nuclear technology, but construction of Russian-designed reactors at the Belene nuclear power plant is still expected to go ahead.

Date: Friday, 16 October 2020
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The UK’s Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Alok Sharma on 30 September agreed to an extension to December 31 of the decision on the Development Consent Order (DCO) for Wylfa Newydd "so that you can consider options with your key stakeholders to secure the future of the project".

Date: Tuesday, 06 October 2020
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China’s State Power Investment Corp (SPIC) said in late September that research and development work on the domestic third-generation Guo He One (CAP1400) reactor had been completed.

Date: Friday, 02 October 2020
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China's State Power Investment Corp (SPIC) has officially launched the CAP1400 reactor design following 12 years of research and development work. Also referred to as Guohe One, the 1400 MWe design is intended to be deployed in large numbers across the country, as well as for export.

Date: Wednesday, 30 September 2020
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Hitachi announced today it will end its business operations on the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power plant construction project, which it had suspended in January 2019 "because it was clear that further time was needed to decide on a financing structure". Horizon Nuclear Power, the UK project developer that Hitachi acquired in November 2012, said it will now take steps for the "orderly closing down" of all its current development activities, but will "keep the lines of communication open" with government and other key stakeholders regarding future options at both its sites, which in addition to Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey, include Oldbury on Severn in South Gloucestershire.

Date: Thursday, 17 September 2020
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The future of nuclear power in China is promising, Zheng Mingguang, Chief Engineer at China's State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) told World Nuclear Association's Strategic eForum 2020 yesterday. He believes both the use of large and small-scale reactors will find applications in China beyond just electricity generation.

Date: Saturday, 12 September 2020
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The pouring of first safety-related concrete has started for the second Hualong One unit at the Zhangzhou nuclear power plant in China's Fujian province, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has announced. The units are scheduled to enter commercial operation in 2024 and 2025, respectively.

Date: Saturday, 05 September 2020
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Construction of two AP1000 reactors was halted in 2017 South Carolina’s state-owned utility Santee Cooper and Westinghouse Electric have reached an agreement to sell leftover equipment and supplies from the abandoned Summer nuclear power station, three years after the project to build two AP1000 plants was halted.

The agreement will have the companies evenly split the money made from selling major nuclear equipment that has not been installed, according to the settlement announced Monday.

Santee Cooper will get 90% of the proceeds of all equipment that has been installed, and two-thirds of the profits from selling other equipment specific to nuclear projects, the agreement said.

Santee Cooper keeps all the remaining equipment, while the deal says Westinghouse will market and sell the equipment for up to five years.

Date: Thursday, 03 September 2020
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The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued a final safety evaluation report (FSER) for NuScale's small modular reactor. This is the first-ever FSER to be issued by the NRC for an SMR, and represents the completion of the technical review and approval of the design.

Date: Wednesday, 02 September 2020
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