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Orano has completed construction of a new laboratory for the production of stable isotopes at its Tricastin site. The French nuclear fuel cycle company said the laboratory - the first one of its kind in France - will begin operations in the second half of 2023.

Date: Wednesday, 13 October 2021
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Urenco Stable Isotopes has expanded its stable and medical isotopes facility in Almelo, the Netherlands, officially opening its new Leonardo da Vinci cascade yesterday. The company - a subsidiary of uranium enrichment company Urenco Nederland BV - said the move was in response to growing demand for medical isotopes.

Date: Thursday, 07 October 2021
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Japan's Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation said on 19 March that it has established redox treatment technology for metal-oxide to minimise secondary radioactive wastes from nuclear power plants.

Date: Monday, 25 March 2019
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Canada-based Anfield Energy announced on 1 March that it has completed a $1.8m deal with US Cotter Corporation Cotter, a General Atomics (GA) affiliate, to acquire both the Charlie in-situ recovery uranium project in Wyoming and nine uranium/vanadium properties in Colorado, collectively known as the West Slope Project. Cotter received more than 11 million common shares in Anfield and now holds a 19.9% ownership interest in the company. According to Anfield CEO Corey Dias, the company plans to establish an ISR uranium mine-and-mill complex in Wyoming and a conventional uranium and vanadium mine-and-mill complex within Colorado and Utah, where the company also owns the Shootaring Canyon Mill property.

Date: Sunday, 03 March 2019
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The revenue of Russia’s Siberian Chemical Company (SCC) in 2016 amounted to RUB14.9n (253m) up from RUB14.2bn in 2015. Net profit was more than RUB1.8bn, RUB1.1bn more than in 2015. SCC, part of Rosatom’s fuel company Tvel,  is Russia’s only producer of uranium hexafluoride (conversion), and also specialises in the enrichment of natural and regenerated uranium for NPP fuel. It produces stable isotopes and has facilities for refining natural and recovered uranium from chemical and radioactive impurities. SCC also produces high purity fluorides of various metals.

Date: Sunday, 20 August 2017
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Over the first half of year Russia's Siberian Chemical Combine (SCC) in Seversk produced isotopes worth more than RUB10m ($159,190).

Date: Tuesday, 11 August 2015
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