The first batch of fuel for the nuclear power plant under construction in Belarus has been delivered to the construction site in Ostrovets, Russia's Rosatom announced today. The fuel assemblies are currently being prepared for unloading and inspection. 

The first nuclear power plant to be built in Belarus (Image: ASE)

"The initial delivery of fresh nuclear fuel is a landmark event in the construction of any nuclear plant and is of particular importance to Belarus, as it marks the first event of its kind in the republic," Vitaliy Polyanin, vice president of ASE EC JSC - part of Rosatom - and director of the Belarusian NPP construction project, said. "In fact, this is the moment when the countdown to the physical launch actually starts," he added.

Rosatom has worked with Belarus' Ministry of Emergency Situations and Gosatomnadzor, the country's nuclear regulator, to ensure the necessary conditions for fuel delivery, including the facilities, systems and equipment, such as the unit's emergency and physical protection installations, were put into operation to guarantee the delivery and safe storage of fresh nuclear fuel, Polyanin said.

Hot-tests were completed at unit 1 on 15 April. The next stage in preparing the unit for physical start-up includes an audit of the main and auxiliary equipment of the primary and secondary circuits, which is scheduled to be completed in mid-June.

The plant, under construction near Ostrovets in the Grodno region, consists of two VVER-1200 reactors that are scheduled for commissioning this year and next.

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Date: Thursday, 07 May 2020
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