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Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power's (KHNP) radiation-measuring robot is being used for the first time in the dismantling and decontamination of the 576 MWe pressurised water reactor.

(Image: KHNP)

The four-legged autonomous robot is one of two specialised robots for use in a nuclear power plant environment that KHNP has been developing since 2021: the other one is an indoor autonomous flying robot. The robots are equipped with multiple cameras and radiation sensors, and the ground robot also has temperature and humidity sensors. Together with 3D Lidar technology - a laser-based method of imaging shapes using reflected light - these sensors can be used to "visualise" radiation dose information and monitor dangerous areas to ensure the safety of workers.

(Image: KHNP)

KHNP said it started using "systematic decontamination to dismantle" Kori 1 on 7 May. It plans to use robots to minimise radiation exposure to workers and increase the efficiency of decontamination work.

Kori 1 started commercial operation in 1978 and was permanently shut down in 2017, when it became the first South Korean reactor to enter decommissioning.

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Date: Tuesday, 14 May 2024
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