Bulgaria should accelerate new nuclear build to meet the growing need for reliable, low-carbon electricity, Agneta Rising, director general of the World Nuclear Association, told Energy Commission Members at the Bulgarian Parliament today.

Bulgaria has a long-standing positive experience of nuclear energy, recognising the benefits it brings to people and the environment, the London-based Association said, adding there is a strong support both in government and among the general public. Recent efforts to expand Bulgaria's nuclear capacity have not progressed, it said, but efforts made to start these projects in the past would give Bulgaria a head start in moving them to completion in the future.

Rising called on the Bulgarian government to bring new momentum to nuclear new build in Bulgaria, saying; "We look to governments to set clear and consistent energy policy, policy that recognises those energy sources with low carbon attributes, that reflects system costs and ensures security of supply and that encourages investment in new generation projects."

She said: "The time is right for Bulgaria to take the lead and make a strong commitment to a new nuclear build programme."

Expanding nuclear generation in Bulgaria will bring great benefits to its economy, for the environment and the communities hosting new build, the Association said. And once operating, new nuclear generation will provide reliable low carbon generation 24/7, and support hundreds of highly skilled jobs, it added.

Nuclear energy supplies around 35% of Bulgaria's electricity, from two VVER 1000 units operating at Kozloduy. But half of its electricity is generated from fossil fuels, which pollute the atmosphere and endanger the climate, the Association said. Bulgaria needs to replace much of this with clean and low-carbon generation, as well as meeting its growing electricity demand, it added.

In the period January-October 2017 electricity demand was 5% higher than the same period in the previous year, it noted. Development of nuclear energy worldwide is strong and this year more than 15 GWe of new nuclear capacity is expected to start delivering electricity - three times the average level seen over the previous 25 years.

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Date: Thursday, 25 January 2018
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