Minister of State Jitendra Singh confirmed the government's plans for 21 new reactors - including those already under construction - and gave an update on the progress of the various projects in a written answer to the Lok Sabha.

Coring of foundation piles for Gorakhpur-1 (Image: NPCIL)

According to Singh's statement, the following projects are classed by the government as "under construction":

Kakrapar 3 & 4: Kakrapar 3 was connected to the grid in 2021 and the project to build two 700 MWe pressurised heavy water reactors (PHWR) is classed as 97.12% complete (as of October 2022). Expected completion 2023. Rawatbhata 7 & 8: 700 MWe PHWRs, 88.88% complete, expected completion 2026 Kudankulam 3 & 4: Russian-supplied 1000 MWe VVER pressurised water reactors, 63.67% complete, expected completion 2025. Kudankulam 5 & 6: 1000 MWe VVERs, 12.89% complete, expected completion 2027. Kalpakkam: 500 MWe prototype fast breeder reactor, 97.64% complete, expected completion 2024.

The government also classes Gorakhpur 1 & 2 - both 700 MWe PHWRs - as "under construction" with an expected completion date of 2029. Foundation piles for the nuclear islands have been completed and work is under way on other buildings and structures at the Haryana site, according to Singh's statement.

The following projects - all 700 MWe PHWRs - have been accorded administrative approval and financial sanction:

Kaiga 5 & 6 Gorakhpur 3 & 4 Chutka 1 & 2 Mahi Banswara 1 & 2 Mahi Banswara 3 & 4

Pre-project site activities and bulk procurement of long-lead equipment are under way for those projects, all of which are expected to be completed "progressively by 2031". Excavation for Kaiga 5 & 6 has already begun.

"Nuclear power can provide the country with clean base-load power and reduce dependence on coal and traditional sources of energy in the long run. Nuclear Power would also supplement clean renewable energy," Singh said.

Earlier this year officials from India's Department of Atomic Energy said the country was preparing to begin building 700 MWe PHWRs in fleet mode from 2023, beginning with Kaiga 5 & 6.

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Date: Saturday, 17 December 2022
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