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Russian regulator Rostekhnadzor on 17 June issued a permit for physical start-up of unit 2 of the Leningrad II NPP.

“At present, at [the] VVER-1200 power unit, events preceding the physical start-up have entered the final stage. Now we are at the stage of equipment revision, after which we will be ready for the first fuel loading,” said Leningrad II chief engineer Alexander Belyaev.

The Commission of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision of Russia (Rostekhnadzor) has also completed inspection of the unit. This inspection confirmed a high degree of readiness for the start of a physical launch, during which nuclear fuel will be loaded into the reactor core for the first time, the Leningrad NPP information service said.

The audit, carried out under Russian legislation, lasted two weeks. Members of the commission worked in various formats. In addition to checking the documentation, they examined the facilities and equipment of the power unit, monitored the operation of technological systems, visited the workplaces of operational personnel and conducted interviews to assess professional training and qualifications.

 “We expect to enter the phase of physical launch at the height of summer,” said Belyaev.

Photo: Leningrad II-2 is approaching startup (Photo: Rosenergoatom)

Date: Friday, 19 June 2020
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