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Russian fuel company TVEL (part of state nuclear corporation of Rosatom) has signed a contract to supply fuel for the LVR-15 research reactor at the Czech Republic’s Nuclear Research Centre (CVR).  

The contract includes the supply of fuel in 2020, and also has a framework for deliveries in subsequent years.

The LVR-15 is a 10MW light-water reactor which uses tubular fuel IRT-4M manufactured by the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant.

Cooperation between TVEL and CVR “is an example of a mutually beneficial multidisciplinary partnership in the nuclear industry”, said Oleg Grigoryev, senior vice president for Commerce and International Business at TVEL.

“From the very first day, the Czech research reactor has been using Russian fuel. In turn, TVEL uses the practical skills and experience of Czech specialists to conduct research at a research centre whose authority is undeniable in the world professional community."

Reactor and post-reactor studies at CVR are carried out  as part of the development and justification of new Russian fuel for high power power reactors.

In 2019, TVEL and CVR entered into an agreement on cooperation in the field of materials science research. In the near future, research is planned in the LVR-15 reactor including the study of radiation growth and radiation-thermal creep of the Russian-made zirconium alloys at low fast neutron fluence values, TVEL said.

Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2020
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