Ukraine’s largest turbine manufacturer, Turboatom, says it will finalise a deal to supply steam turbines to Russian reactor Rostov 3 in July 2010.

Under the terms of the contract, the equipment is to be delivered to customer Rosatom by May 2011, prior to plant commissioning in November 2011. Construction of Rostov 3 originally started in 1977 but was suspended in 1990. It restarted in September 2009 and the VVER-1000 reactor is due to being operation in 2013.

Turboatom won the Rostov 3 contract after competing in an international tender along with Russian and European design firms. For the first time, Turboatom will supply a 1000MW capacity-turbine complete with titanium alloy condenser tubes. Previously it has only worked with copper-nickel alloys and non-corrosive steels.

Director general of OJSC Turboatom Victor Subbotin said that the contract “opens further opportunities in Russian power market”.

Turboatom will take part in tenders for upgrades to Balakovo NPP, Kalinin NPP and other Russian plants, he said.

The company has manufactured 169 turbines nuclear power plants, which it says equates to 13% of the total market share. Turboatom turbines are currently in use at Loviisa in Finland, Paks in Hungary and Kozloduy in Bulgaria.

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Date: Wednesday, 21 July 2010
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