Taiwan Power Company, which owns and operates Taiwan’s six nuclear reactors, says its has improved performance in 2009 by reducing the number of trips at its nuclear power plants, decreasing the number of barrels of low level radioactive waste produced, and shortening the outage duration at its plants.

In 2009 the 780 barrels of LLW were produced, down from 828 barrels in 2008 to 780 barrels in 2009.

Taipower has also been working to reduce the outage duration at its nuclear power plants by integrating planning and coordination of work, improving training and the promotion of online maintenance. In doing so it has succeeded from reducing the average outage duration from 60 days to 37 days. In 2009, and outage lasted a record 28.5 days.

In future Taipower aims to shorten the outage duration to 30 days, creating greater efficiency and higher carbon reduction goals.

In 2009, Taiwan generated nearly 40TWh or nuclear energy, reducing the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by one eighth (3400 tons CO2).

Date: Thursday, 12 August 2010
Original article: neimagazine.com/news/newstaiwan-reports-improved-performance-in-2009