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Quantity One (1) Job for the replacement and upgrade of the Area Radiation Monitoring System in the existing guide hall, the new guide hall addition and the confinement building. The system must meet or exceed all of the minimum specifications identified herein. All equipment must be new. Used or remanufactured equipment will not be considered for award.


Joni L Laster,

Contract Specialist

[email protected]

Phone: 301-975-8397

Fax: 301-975-8884

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System Specifications for Line Item 0001:

The Contractor shall provide a minimum of seventy four (74) Area Radiation Monitoring units and a central data collection/data logger unit according the requirements below:

1. Provide audible and visual indication of an alarm status and visual readout of dose rate locally and remotely

2. Provide indication of master alarm, such that if any one channel is in an alarm state the master alarm will indicate alarm status and radiation level

3. Capable of acknowledging an alarm event without clearing the alarm from master location only

4. Capable of reading a dose rate and allowing independent alarm point settings for each channel in the following ranges:

*60 Channels with a 0.01 mR/HR to 1 R/HR range

*10 Channels with a 0.01 mR/HR to 10 R/HR range

*4 Channels with a 0.01 mR/HR to 100 R/HR range

5. Allow detectors to be placed at locations separate from the local readout

6. Allow independent channel QA checks, calibrations, and removal from service without disabling the entire system

7. Provide a central data logging and data display/trending of all channels

8. Capable of a flat rate response with in dose rate ± 20% of true value to gamma radiation ranging in energy from 100 KeV to 1.333 MeV.

9. Automatic restart with all data and parameters saved in the event of a power interruption

10. Provide access control to prevent unauthorized modification of alarm set points and system parameters

11. Able to communicate through Ethernet based network or be adaptable to Ethernet based network

12. The channel response time shall be short enough to quickly respond to a large step change in radiation level while long enough to prevent spurious alarms due to noise.

13. Provide relay contacts to operate auxiliary equipment for alarm event or equipment failure

14. Provide all necessary equipment to allow the ability to check the internal electronics or expose detector to an internal radiation check source and specify the methodology for the ability.

15. Documentation to be provided at time of delivery:

-A list of recommended spare parts and replacement components, including their current cost and availability

-Instruction manuals and drawings associated with the Area Radiation Monitoring Units.

-Guidance on preventative maintenance to be followed by the staff for the new units

-Detailed information about communication protocol for allowing NIST staff to adapt output from their unit to third party software and specify the method for the ability to check the internal electronics or expose detector to an internal radiation check source;

The Government shall give preference to equipment that can provide the following additional capabilities:

16. Allow remote display of trend data for individual channels, multiple channels or all monitored channels. On screen trend data time display scales shall be adjustable from less than ten minutes up to two months

17. Allow download of data to common application software, such as Microsoft Office Excel without taking the system off line. Allow long term data analysis for periods up to two years

18. Allow remote (central location) set up of individual channel and group calibration parameters


Not later than 30 days after award, the Contractor shall provide computer generated, scaled, top and side view drawings of the system in AutoCAD format. The drawings shall be detailed sufficiently to serve as "as-built drawings" for the system the Contractor intends to manufacture.

Drawings shall be submitted to the NIST Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), (to be identified at the time of award), for approval before the Contractor orders parts or commences manufacturing of the system. Drawings will be reviewed and written comments or approval provided to the Contractor within 5 business days. The Contractor shall revise drawings, based on comments provided by the COR, and submit final drawings for review and final approval. Revisions shall be completed at no additional cost to the Government.

Date: Tuesday, 05 April 2011
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