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Electricite de France (EDF) has extended maintenance outages at three nuclear reactors, adding to the difficulties in power supply in France and neighbouring countries as winter approaches.

EDF said on 23 November that the restart of its 1,330MWe Flamanville 2 unit has been delayed by five days to 1 December. The outage of the Cruas 2 reactor is extended by eight days until 5 December, and Dampierre 2 by 10 days until 9 December.

According to the EDF website, the maintenance of the reactors will take longer than expected due to unexpected cracks in the pipes. The company warns of possible power shortages as demand increases during the cold months.

EDF said earlier in November that it would standardise corrosion repair works at its NPPs in order to get them back in service as soon as possible. Corrosion problems were first detected over a year ago, sparking a campaign of inspections and repair works, with 32 of France’s 56 reactors simultaneously shut down in the summer. 

Image: EDF's Flamanville nuclear power plant (courtesy of EDF)

Date: Friday, 25 November 2022
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