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The Egyptian Nuclear Power Plant Authority (NPPA) has applied for a permit for construction of units 3 and 4 of El Dabaa nuclear power plant.

Rosatom said on 12 January that the documents required to obtain a permit for the construction of El Dabaa 3&4 were handed over to the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA) "ahead of schedule on 30 December." As soon as the permit is issued, full-scale construction can begin. Similar documentation was submitted for El Dabaa 1&2 in June 2021.  

El-Dabaa - Egypt's first nuclear power plant is to be built in the city of El Dabaa in the province of Matruh on the Mediterranean coast, about 300km north-west of Cairo. The station will consist of four VVER-1200 reactors each with a capacity of 1200MW.

El-Dabaa is being constructed by Rosatom in accordance with a suite of contracts that entered into force in December 2017. According to the contract, Russia will also supply nuclear fuel throughout the lifecycle of the nuclear plant, arrange for the training of the Egyptian personnel, and will assist in the operation and maintenance of the plant for the first 10 years of its operation. The investment cost of the project is $30 billion, 85% of which is financed through a $25 billion Russian loan.

Date: Friday, 14 January 2022
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