The Peach Bottom nuclear power station in Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy Exelon. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved plans for Exelon Generation Company to operate Units 2 and 3 at the Peach Bottom nuclear power station in Pennsylvania for an additional 20 years to a maximum of 80 years.

The NRC’s findings are in a final supplemental environmental impact statement, which concludes that the potential environmental impacts of a licence renewal are not enough too prevent licence renewal.

Exelon submitted the Peach Bottom licence renewal application in July 2018.

The NRC approved initial licence renewals of 20 years for both units in May 2003, with Unit 2 licensed to operate until 8 August 2033 and Unit 3 until 2 July 2034. Those dates will now be extended by 20 years.

Both units are 1,308-MW boiling water reactors. Peach Bottom-2 began commercial operation in July 1974 and Peach Bottom-3 in December 1974.

Peach Bottom has a third unit, Unit 1, a 40-MW high temperature, gas-cooled reactor which was permanently shut down in November 1974.

Date: Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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