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2035 target date for operation is ‘very realistic’, says company behind project

The Patnow coal plant has been put forward as a possible site for new reactors.

Poland has issued a decision-in-principle for the country’s second large-scale commercial nuclear power station, with two South Korea-supplied APR1400 reactors planned for a site to the west of the capital Warsaw.

The decision-in-principle came from the Ministry of Climate and Environment and is formal confirmation that the company's investment project is in line with the public interest and state policies including energy policy.

The application, submitted by PGE Pak Energia Jadrowa in August, is to build new nuclear in the Patnow-Konin region. Patnow and Konin are two towns about 10 km apart about 220 km west of Warsaw.

PGE Pak Energia Jadrowa has said a 2035 target date for operation of the new reactors is “very realistic”.

PGE Pak Energia Jadrowa is a joint venture between state energy group PGE and private energy company Ze Pak. It was formed earlier this year to be responsible for all aspects of the project to build at least two APR1400 pressurised water reactor units at the Patnow coal plant site, including an initial feasibility study, site surveys, an environmental impact assessment, licensing procedures and securing of financing.

According to the decision-in-principle application, the two units will generate 22 TWh of electricity annually, or about 12% of current electricity demand in Poland.

The decision-in-principle is the first decision in the process of administrative permits for investments in nuclear power facilities in Poland. It entitles PGE Pak Energia Jadrowa to apply for a number of further administrative decisions including a siting decision and construction licence.

One site that has been put forward for the new build project is a coal plant owned by Ze Pak. The site has two coal-fired power plants in commercial operation with a combined output of about 1,100 MW, which makes it one of Poland’s largest energy facilities.

Background: Poland Bullish On Nuclear

Poland is bullish on nuclear and a number of projects have begun to develop large-scale plants and small modular reactors.

In July the climate ministry approved plans for the country’s first commercial nuclear power station, which will be built in Pomerania in the north of the country with for Westinghouse-supplied AP1000 plants.

The ministry has also issued a decision-in-principle for copper and silver producer KGHM Polska Miedz’s plan to build a NuScale Voygr small modular reactor plant with a capacity of 462 MW.

KGHM wants to explore the deployment of SMR technology to repurpose or replace existing coal-fired power plants and provide electricity and heat for its industrial processes.

KGHM said that by 2030, it wants 50% of the electricity it uses to come from its own sources.

Poland is also planning four Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear plants in the north of the country.

Date: Wednesday, 29 November 2023
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