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First plants could be manufactured by 2027 UK-based TSP Engineering has announced it will build small modular reactors at its manufacturing facility in Workington with the first plants set to be manufactured by 2027.

Chief executive John Coughlan said his company will make the “NuCell” SMR, which will generate power for the National Grid. He said this will “bring the building of nuclear reactors home to Cumbria and bring design and manufacture of new nuclear technologies back to Great Britain”.

In a statement, TSP said: “This announcement and manufacture of the NuCell reactor will enable Great Britain to develop its own energy supply and become a global leader with the first NuCell reactor units targeted to be manufactured by 2027, allowing TSP and Cumbria to be ahead of the rest of the world.”

TSP Engineering is part of the GMET Group, which operates in the nuclear, defence, and energy sectors. GMET has been developing the NuCell reactor technology, although few details have been released.

GMET is one of a number of advanced reactor developers submitting its design for the UK regulator’s generic design assessment process.

The GDA, which was opened to advanced nuclear rector technologies in May 2021, allows the regulators to assess the safety, security, and environmental implications of new reactor designs and to provide the confidence that these new designs are capable of meeting the UK’s statutory regulatory requirements.

Date: Tuesday, 10 January 2023
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