Construction of Russia-supplied unit began in 2017 Construction of the Generation III Kudankulam-3 began in June 2017. Courtesy Atomstroyexport. All major components have been installed for the nuclear island of the Kudankulam-3 nuclear power plant under construction in Tamil Nadu, southern India, Atomstroyexport, the engineering division of Russia’s state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom said.

The company said the reactor pressure vessel (RPV), steam generator set, pressuriser, main circulation pipeline and pumps have all been placed in their positions. The installation of the RPV was announced in May 2022.

Atomstroyexport said operations were completed using the “open top” approach, meaning all large components were lifted into place before the completion of the containment building.

According to a statement, the approach has reduced construction schedules by five to seven months.

Construction of the Generation III Kudankulam-3, a VVER- V-412, 917-MW pressurised water reactor, began in June 2017.

There are three other units of the same design under construction at the site. Kudankulam-4 was started in 2017 and Kudankulam-5 and -6 in December 2021.

Kudankulam-1 and -2, also both VVER V-412 units, have been in commercial operation since December 2014 and March 2017 respectively.

Date: Thursday, 21 July 2022
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